Finding Balance

The most frequent question I am asked is about my work, family life balance. FUN is what helps me grind.  It gives me something to look forward to, to work towards — a break.  


Breaks help create healthy balances for me. Denver was a very last minute vacation, but I am so proud of the break. 


Once upon a time, in graduate school, I expressed concerns about my habit of overload. I often put too my plate and I expressed my concerns about being a serious planner to my professor during group therapy session. I went into a lot of detail about the matter and he responded by asking me a question.  My professor wanted to know if I behaved the same way on vacation. I quickly chuckled and told him no. He confidently shared that my day to day planning was how I best functioned. As a planner I find success with a heavy load, but I find balance in taking time off.  


I have always valued my professor’s insight. The truth is, not doing anything, not having plans, stillness, casual leisure is what I enjoy most about vacations.  Waking up on my own time, spending the hours in each day at my own pace, eating what I want, discovery sights (not sight seeing) — just living life with my hair down. 


After spending so much time in my home, having my children with me full time, staring a new career, adding multiple extensions of business to our household, all in the matter of 9 months of 2020, when 2021 rolled around I knew it was time for a BIG vacation. Just me and husbae, like the good ol’ days. We haven’t been on a flight together, only the two of us, since 2009.  


Since our most recent vacation, we now value a recharge even more and our need for vacations have been revitalized. We will always prioritize our work life balance and I am proud of that.  This vacation was last minute, but for those that follow me on Instagram, know I have been pushing for a vacation for a long time, and it finally happened.

I encourage you to find your balance and prioritize it. It is necessary regardless of what your day to day responsibilities are. Balance is a necessity and we all deserve it. 

Next up, FAMILY vacation. What an adventure that will be!

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