Minding My Black Owned Business

Minding My Black Owned Business

Owning a business, we know it’s work, that’s pretty obvious right? But we don’t talk about how we NEED friends in the business.

I think that this world has been previewed to some of what our black and brown communities experience. However, no one can really truly explain or understand how different our experiences can be. Being a double minority and a woman, I often find myself searching for people in this space that look like me. People that can understand my experience. I must say it’s been difficult for me to find those individuals in this particular field, or have access to those that have made it in this field.

Recently, I have connected with friends that also own their business. They are black women, and they have a brick and mortar store front. I am so grateful for their business, their partnership, and most importantly their friendship.

This collaboration isn’t merely a trend because buying black is “in”. This collaboration is what we need more of. Women connecting instead of competing. Black women hand and hand, helping one another. Although we are not in the exact same market, we have so much in common, and we share similar consumers.

I am grateful to help Aaliyah and Alexa with their business anyway that I can and I am grateful that they are willing to do the same. This is feeling more like a sisterhood within business and it just doesn’t get better than that. My hope is that we both can exceed all that we have ever hoped and dreamed for our businesses. We are women of faith, we are women in business, and we are black women doing what we love every day.

If you are interested in owning a business, opening a brick and mortar store, entering a new field or whatever your journey may be. I recommend that you create a genuine relationship with people who have the same interests that you do. It makes a world of difference to simply have someone you can relate to.

We all look forward to earning your business and gaining your support.


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