Brunch at the Beach

Before my family visited the beach my amazing brother in law volunteered to watch our children while we spent some time together. I quickly leaped at the opportunity for the alone time with my husband. We are a couple that truly believes in the importance of dating and having fun with one another. I don't think we will ever lose our flame and I pray we never do.


Because of COVID (blah.), I wanted to make sure we were safe. My brother in law researched the statistics of beach traffic (I never knew there was such a thing) and told us the best time to plan our visit. That 'best time' was Monday morning. Yes, I know, major blah.


Because this was the one and only time we would be visiting beach, Uncle brought the kids shortly after our day date. Upon their arrival the kids snatched our snacks and carried drifted off to our umbrella and chairs. It was nice hearing the waves on the beach. The natural white noise put my youngest to sleep instantly.


The beach was bare! When we arrived there were only 2 other families at opposite ends of the beach. Our visit was a short 2 hours, but I was grateful to feel like the world was normal for that time. Like this was a normal day and I was free and safe and we were together, bliss.


I encourage you to find your bliss, no matter where you are. My husband and have truly tapped into one another and been more creative with our dates since social distancing began in March. I can't wait for our next date! We have had so many creative activities during this year and played more board games than we can count. Last night I played my favorite game with my son, laser tag, and we had a blast! Again, find your bliss!

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