Favorite Girl in the Whole Wide World

Tuesday was my Grammy’s birthday and it was a tough day for me. When I was a child, during summer vacation, I used to look forward to her homemade ice cream. It was so much better than the store bought kind and instantly I was fascinated. When my husband and I first began dating we visited her and while on our visit and I told him about her ice cream. At this point in her life she was already in her 80s and was very clear that she wouldn’t be making anymore homemade ice cream and offered to give me her ice cream machine. I couldn't believe it. She explained to me how to make it as she swiftly handed over the machine.


I was in college at the time, but after moving many times, relocating to different cities, and nearly a decade later I still have her ice cream machine.


Instead of caving in to my sadness I did what I thought would honor her- I made homemade ice cream on her birthday. See all of our fun below! How do you cope with losses on hard days?

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