Ya'll this moment was not easy to capture. In fact, this photograph was practically an accident. My little man is almost 5 years old ( woo that was hard for mama to type ) and is not wanting to give mama "kushas" in front of other people now, he says it is embarrassing. Can you believe that? Well it is true, help me!


And in case you are wondering what in the world "kushas" means- it is something I call a Temberism. We have many Temberisms in our family and they are hilarious!


When he first began talking he coined the term kushas. Dad would always ask for kisses and I always asked for sugar, so he decided to call them "kushas". We have called it nothing, but that since.


I am so proud of this photo and I will cherish it forever!

What are some things you are holding on to as parents and what are your family favorite "isms".

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