Many have asked about my leap into Home Staging and Home Decor.


It is something I’ve always had a eye for. In my youth I was always getting reprimanded about changing around furniture or painting / drawing on the walls. Even at a young age I knew how to transform a space.


During my college years my living space was always different when my boyfriend, now my husband, would visit my home.


So, once my husband became a Realtor he knew that home staging was something I would be interested in while also benefiting his business. Naturally, I went with it and it was the best decision I made.


Becoming a Home Stager gave me the confidence I needed to not just stage, but style and decorate homes.


After receiving my license a flame sparked and a dream was formed. I’ve never been a dreamer, but I have always encouraged my students to have to dream. Encouraged my husband to dream. Encourage my son to dream.


One day I had to stop. Stop and ask how could I encourage everyone to be brave and dream, if I never did it myself.


Once I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I knew it was time for a change. I desperately needed to find job satisfaction and a new balance that would follow this new little life.


Becoming an entrepreneur was something I long admired, so

while I was on maternity leave I sewed that seed, HARD. And my husband asked for patience and time to hear God.

(That makes me love him so much more!)

So about the beginning of October I asked my husband if God placed anything on his heart yet?


He responded with a question, “Can you leave your school in March or April?” I laughed and quickly told him no. If you are an Educator you know why. There was no way I could be out for months of maternity leave, only to return to work a few short weeks, and then leave again. It’s just not appropriate in the education world and I could never have done that to my office, to my students.


He continued, “It’s just something about March or April, God is telling me that’s when when we will need you the most, here at home.”


I prayed and prayed some more and cried and prayed and we decided it was best to finish my school year and hopefully we would come to a solution later before the end of the term.


When COVID hit ( in March / April — and it didn’t exist in October) we knew that God had already put things in motion and it was just the affirmation we both needed.


So here I am. A full time Stay at Home Mother, starting a new business. COVID has been a nightmare for so many and truthfully it hasn’t been the best transition for my new business and aspirations. What I have had to continue to remind myself is a nightmare is still a dream -still a dream-. Despite it all, I am blessed to follow my heart and what I truly believe God made me to do, being creative and helping others.

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