Virtual Consultations

Since COVID began we have all been trying to find our footing. Because I have 2 little ones and a hard working man, it is very hard for me to have in person consultations with my clients. I have had to become even more creative to meet client needs. Attached you will find the most recent project I conducted, virtually. My client, and dear friend, was in desperate need to change his home into a bachelor pad, but wanted it to have character. He was very open to my style, opinions, and even floral additions - which was nothing but a pleasure for me. His living room needed to be full- of order, but simple decor. Having similar taste and style, made this project a breeze. He too is a creator,

like myself, so it was important that we incorporated artistic character in his decor, all while focusing on his home's natural light and simplicity.


So far, we have completed his living room and office. Next - kitchen and bedroom. Then I will have another completed project in the books.


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